17 April 2012

CLARINS 'Eclat du Jour' - Daily Energiser

I was recently at my local Clarins counter buying my mum some of her Multi Active cream which she has used religiously, along with other Clarins products, since her twenties. I have always loved pinching some of her night cream or cleansing milk as their products are gorgeous! So when the lady offered to throw in a few freebies for me to try I was actually quite excited!

The 'Eclat Du Jour' or Daily Energiser range is designed for young skin that has to battle with late nights, partying and the stresses of work or studying amongst other things! It is supposed to be suitable for all skin types and claims to brighten and hydrate your skin whilst leaving a matte finish. (You can read the blurb-y bit on their website if you click above)

I was given the 'Wake-Up Booster' toning lotion (£15.50) and the Daily Energiser Lotion (£20) which is a moisturiser. 


First off I'm going to start by pointing out the products are all fragranced with a lovely fresh apricot scent, which for me is fine, lovely in fact, however if you have super sensitive skin I don't know if this is the best range for you. Anyway, that was the first thing that hit me, so I'll move on.

The toner has a beautiful, velvety texture and is best applied with a cotton pad all over your face, after cleansing. I have to say I'm never sure if there is actually a point to using toner, I can't say I noticed it did anything major for my skin, but it felt a bit moisturising and left my skin smooth and matte. It smells amazing so I would use it for that alone, however for the price, I could skip it.

The moisturiser has a very light, gel-like texture which feels lovely when applied. However as I have dry skin I felt like it absorbed very quickly and didn't quite quench my skin's thirst! I think this would be lovely for anyone with oily skin as it's still very important to moisturise. The range does offer a richer cream moisturiser which I think would be far better for normal-dry skin if their multi active creams are anything to go by.

For young, yet-to-be-damaged skin, that is not too sensitive, I think this range would be a wonderful introduction to the Clarins range as it is not hideously expensive. Although I feel personally, despite my age (19) it's not quite enough for me, I do believe my skin may just be a little haggard from everything I put it through so personally I would go for the Multi Active range, which for anyone over 25, I would highly recommend, even if it is almost double the price.

Any more questions? Pop them in the comments below :)


  1. Hiya hun! I've just tagged you in all five of my award tags, head on over to my blog for all of the details!

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    1. Oh thank you, that's so sweet! I'll check it out :) x


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