11 September 2012

Review: Clarins Cleansing Milk and Toning Lotion

Clarins is one of the leading skin care brands but I think it is often forgotten amongst the buzz for the likes of Liz Earle, Ren (of which I am a massive fan!) or other HG products. A few years ago I enjoyed used the cleansing milk and toner for normal to oily skin, however my skin changed and I moved on to other products. On a recent holiday, I was in a pharmacy that had amazing deals on lots of beauty products, including salon sized Clarins products. I was running out of my Cleanse and Polish and decided I would give the normal to dry range a go, the offer was incredible, 400ml for 19 Euros, unfortunately it is a little pricier in the UK, 200ml for £17.50 (double the price) but still cheaper than a lot of high end skin care.

The Cleansing Milk  with alpine herbs is a beautiful lotion which is best applied directly to dry skin. I usually massage it into the skin and then follow the Clarins suction technique, which involves placing the hands flat on the face and pulling away quickly to create a suction effect, this is meant to pull the grime and toxins out of your skin, I then use a warm muslin cloth to buff the lotion off my face. I find it is very effective at giving a glowing, soft finish to my skin and is perfect for my normal to dry skin. The original is also very good but more for combination skin.

The Toning Lotion with camomile is also for normal to dry skin. The pump action of this bottle is not ideal as I end up wasting a lot on a cotton pad, so I have decanted this into a small spray bottle and I spritz my face after I have removed the cleanser. I am not entirely sure if I believe toner works, but this has a beautiful, natural smell and I am sure it has a small moisturising effect so I am happy to keep using it!

All in all, I would highly recommend these products to anyone who wants some luxury skin care, perfectly suited to normal/dry skin. They keep my skin clear and glowing and I can tell they will last for ages, even with my morning cleanse and double evening cleanse routine!

Have you tried these products? Or have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Im so glad to see someone shares my clarins love! Your right I think it is often forgotton about, I swear by the Gentle foaming cleanser for Oily/Combination skin, but they also do a Dry/Sensitive version which my brother uses (who aswell as having dry skin suffers from bad breakouts) and it clears his skin up completely without drying it! (Gosh I sound like a Clarins rep... I swear im not!!!) :)Just thought it may interest you!
    Great post!



    1. Haha, I always run in to sales-rep mode when telling people about products, don't worry! I've actually tried a sampled of the normal/dry version and loved it, it's high on my list of things to get! Have you tried the pink clay mask, it's gorgeous! (see there I go!) Thanks for commenting x

  2. Thanks for the good review, but I am still confused. Which one do you use first? The toning lotion or the cleansing milk? Please help!!!


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