22 September 2012

Review: Soap and Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream

Heel Genius - £5.99

Soap and Glory is quickly becoming one of my favourite brands for all things pamper! With their beautiful scents and oh so cute packaging, everything is lovely to use and I now swear by the Righteous Butter for keeping my skin super soft.

Heel Genius is the latest addition to my collection. It is a minty fresh foot balm to soothe and soften tired feet. I am often on my feet all day at university or shopping so my feet take a bit of a bashing; this cream is really lovely to apply just before bed, after a nice warm bath, to really get the best effect. Without being to graphic, this will not transform really dry skin with cracked heels, that all requires a bit of effort with emollients and exfoliation, but for feet needing a bit of pampering this is ideal! It is also not too expensive, I begrudge paying a lot of money for something like foot cream!

As a little aside, it is really important to look after the skin on your feet! That's easy enough during Summer when we are all wearing sandals and want to keep them looking good but it is equally important during the colder months, and something like this S&G cream is ideal, and not too much effort to keep up!

So look after those tootsies, they'll thank you!

1 comment:

  1. i have been looking for a really good foot cream because my feet tend to get pretty dry over the colder months. Definitely going to try this one out!


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