30 September 2012

Lazy Sundays: iPhone 5 and Chocolate Overdose!

Sundays tend to be my lazy days, not involving more than food shopping, a bit of baking, perhaps some uni work and topped off with Sunday night TV. So I thought I would share a bit of what I am up to as something a little different to what I usually blog about!

This afternoon, after our weekly food shop, my flatmate and I made some Malteser cake. We are loving the Great British Bake Off at the moment and are taking every opportunity to make some yummy bakes! Last week we made The Londoner's Whopper Brownies which were incredible, and they only got better during the week as the flavours intensified.

For Malteser cake we used THIS recipe.

Malteser Cake

Whopper Brownies

Now on to the title of the post, I have just upgraded to the new iPhone 5, yes following the Apple Sheep, I know! However, it made perfect sense as the contract with Three turned out to be cheaper than my previous one. So far, I am loving it, the screen quality is amazing and I love the new panorama feature with the camera. I have to say as a step up from the 4S, the only big and notable difference is the screen size but the extra features are pretty cool so if you can find a good deal I would highly recommend it.

I have spent the past week downloading apps and re-discovering apps I had on my old iPhone years ago. I thought some of you might be interested in what I use day to day, as well as recommendations for games and general time killing apps!

I have tried to organise the pages in to general themes, so apps I use every day, games and other random things. I don't like to use the folders app for things I use all the time.

Apps I recommend:

BBC iPlayer
Plants V Zombies
Amateur Surgeon
Jelly Defense
LEGO Harry Potter

What apps do you all enjoy using? I would love to hear your recommendations!


  1. The Malteser cake and whopper brownies looks DELICIOUS! I wish I was able to cake ha! :)

    1. Well the malteser cake is super easy, not baking involved, just crushing ingreds and chilling for an hour or two! x

  2. ASOS app & Free Music Download! They're like my most used apps after FB, Twitter & Instagram xx

    1. Thank you for the suggestions :) checking them out for definite! x

  3. Replies
    1. They are the yummiest things ever, and so easy to make! x

  4. Wow the iphone 5 looks great. So long aswell!

    Beth @ Beth-Bradley.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Yeah, I was a bit concerned it would look silly-long but loving it now! x

  5. Those brownies look amazing!
    I'm a hue Instagram fan, too. It's definitely my favourite app x

    1. I am addicted, don't know how I managed without it when I had my blackberry haha! You should make the brownies, AMAZING!! x

  6. love it!



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