15 June 2012

Review: Benefit Posie Tint

Recently I've been moving away from powder products to cream and liquid formulations in order to achieve a more dewy, glowing finish to my skin. Last year I received a free sample of Benefit Posie Tint with a magazine and took it away with me on holiday as my sole blush product; a risky move! However it turned out to be a great success as I fell in love with it! As a sister product to the big hit Benetint  I had high hopes for this.


The Posie Tint is a liquid pink stain best applied to the apples of the cheek with three strokes of the applicator, which is the same as a nail polish brush. I then like to pat it in to my skin to blend and it leaves a beautiful soft pink glow to the cheeks. If you leave it too long it will stain your cheeks where you paint it on, but as long as you work quickly it's perfect. The colour is a blue-toned pink, so perfect for paler skin tones. The colour lasts all day long, definitely no need to touch up this product! It can also be used on the lips as a pretty 'bitten lip' pink colour and again, lasts all day!

As a side, it's never caused me to break out, it's not fragranced as far as I can tell. I recommend starting with a small amount as it can always be built up for a brighter effect. It lasts for ages, I've had my full sized one for a year and I use it most days, which makes its £24.50 price tag seem a lot more reasonable. It really is one of my favourite beauty products, and when it eventually runs out, I'll definitely be re-purchasing. I'm interested to try the new Cha-Cha tint and Sun Beam highlighter, so I'll be sure to review those when I try them out!

Top: Blended Bottom: Un-blended (Without Flash)

Top: Blended Bottom: Un-blended (With Flash)

Any more questions? Have you tried this product? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I really like Benetint but I have never tried Posietint! Which one do you prefer? xx

    1. I think Posietint is a more subtle but a less natural colour because of the blue tone-pink, I don't think I could choose, they both serve good purposes ... sorry, rubbish answer! x


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