6 October 2012

Miracle Concealer? MAC Select Moisture Cover

MAC Select Moisture Cover - £14.50

A quick post for Saturday morning! I have found it really difficult to find a concealer that provides good coverage of under eye circles and blemishes that also doesn't dry up, flake or crease. I've tried a few of the high street concealer sticks and cream concealers but I always find them drying on my skin. So I went along to MAC with my dilemma and a lovely lady at the Edinburgh Harvey Nichols counter suggested this to me.

MAC Select Moisture Cover is a rich creamy concealer. It has the perfect amount of pigment for every day use, if you're looking for a complete mask-like cover this might not be up your street, but for a natural finish it is perfect. It does not leave my skin dry or flakey like others I have tried and blends in beautifully.

I have NW20, which is a perfect peachy toned colour for under eyes. I would suggest getting matched up in store for the best colour match as they have a brilliant colour range! I like to apply this with a small blending brush to get a light finish but it is definitely build-able, just remember to set it with some powder if you do this! And a little goes a long way, I've had this for 2 months already and I've barely used any.

What is your favourite concealer? I want to try the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer, is it worth it?!


  1. I have wanted to try this for such a long time! Have you had any issues with it creasing? The Bobbi Brown concealer is pretty good but can look cakey if you're not careful.

    1. I don't find it cakes at all, I usually set it with a dab of powder but on the days I don't I find the creamy texture stops it from gathering :) Thanks for the bobbi brown tip, think I'll avoid it for now! x

  2. oooh this looks perfect for me...theres nothing worse than a concealer that drys up under the eyes and makes all your lines stand out more!!! I use the studio sculpt at the moment but I may try this one when I run out!
    Great review!


    1. You should try it, especially if you like the studio sculpt! x


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